Lil Dicky Net Worth 8$ Million Value

Lil Dicky is an American comedian and rapper.He becomes famous when his video song “Ex-Boyfriend”, went viral on youtube, the video hits millions of views in less than in 24 hours.His estimated net worth value is about 8$ Million dollars.He had about 2 million subscribers on youtube and earned a big from it.

Lil Dicky Net Worth

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Lil Dicky Social Accounts

Facebook Page: Lil Dicky

Instagram: lildickygram

Tweeter: LD

Lil Dicky songs List

The professional rapper(2015)

$ave dat money (2015)

Lemme freak(2015)

XXL freshmen cypher9(2016)

Pillow talking(2015)



Classic male pregame(2015)

Too high(2013)

White crime(2015)

Russell Westbrook on a farm

Lion King

White dude(2013)

Jewish flow(2013)

The ’90s


Staying in(2013)

I’m right(2014)

All k(2013)

The Cypher(2013)


The antagonist(2015)

Lemme freak for real tho(2015)

Meet the burds(2015)

Really scared(2014)


Free bread in the Outback(2014)

The antagonist ii(2015)

Hannibal interlude(2015)

Parents still don’t understand(2015)


The gumption(2014)



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